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Thinking Oil and Gas servicing company you can count on? Think Chemic Integrated Services.

Chemic Integrated Services is an oil and gas servicing company located in Nigeria with a branch in the US. We exist to provide top-notch value in the Oil and gas sector by providing quality products and services which includes representing Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs) in Nigeria among others.

Chemic Integrated services deals on products distribution such as marine paint, Chemicals, industrial equipment such as valves, switches, transmitters, pressure temperature gauges and other engineering services which is not limited to detailed instrumentation and control engineering, Equipment overhaul , tank cleaning and maintenance, corrosion control, equipment supply and maintenance, implementation and deployment of fire and gas system.

Our process and procedures are in direct compliance to international standard.

We are major distributor of quality marine paint and other coating materials for offshore and onshore application.
Chemic Integrated Services is a trusted supplier of Industrial chemicals, production and oil field chemicals, Laboratory chemicals,
Based on outstanding and track record of quality service delivery on engineering services to major oil and gas exploration and producing companies.
At Chemic, safety is a top priority, and it is a core principle which engages and unites all employees.
Chemic Integrated Services is a supplier of industrial equipment and tools.
Tank cleaning and maintenance is an integral part of many industrial processes.
Corrosion is a natural process, which occurs due to chemical reaction mainly oxidation
Chemic Integrated Services limited offers equipment overhaul services to the oil and gas
Instrumentation and control Engineering is the part of engineering that deals with the design,


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