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Corrosion Management


Corrosion is a process which occurs due to chemical reaction (redox type of reaction) to converts a refined metal to a more chemically stable form such as its oxide, hydroxide etc. It is the degeneration and loss of a material and its critical properties on exposure to corrosive environment. Corrosion of a metal is accelerated by warm temperatures, salts, acid, atmospheric oxygen and other organic compounds which could result to equipment and machines defects or failure.

Corrosion management are measures and strategies employ to control, manage and prevent corrosion. Chemic Integrated Services offer corrosion control services.  We are committed to providing corrosion engineering services of high quality for pipeline, plants, offshore and onshore structures.

Our services include

  • blasting such as grit, sand and hydro blast
  • Corrosion inhibitor application
  • Coating and painting
  • Inspection and advisory services for the oil gas and petrochemical related industries.
  • Procurement of blasting equipment and coating materials.

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