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Equipment Overhaul

Equipment Overhaul

Chemic Integrated Services offers equipment overhaul services to the oil and gas and manufacturing industry. Many industrial operations depend on the use of machines and equipment for the daily running of their activities.

However; the maintenance of those machines are very critical to operational efficiency. Equipment starts to wear and tear after many years of operation. This situation can lead to a breakdown and result in additional operational expenditure on repairs.

Overhaul of machine is one of the ways to keep the system running and to prevent equipment breakdown.  Equipment overhaul is the general maintenance performed on a machine. It involves Partial or complete disassemble of the equipment, inspection to detect damaged, defective or worn out parts. Repair or replacement of such parts, Reassemble, testing, and trial –run prior to returning the item to its full operation level. The goal of equipment overhaul is for optimal performance of the equipment and regular checks can prevent all kinds of critical damage and decrease on the budget for maintenance.

Chemic Integrated Services have the technical capacity to carry out a full equipment overhaul services restoring equipment and plant to their original design and functional condition. We help to keep our clients' equipment running in optimum condition and maximum capacity. We offer both offsite and onsite equipment overhaul services.

Optimal performance of your equipment is our concern. Our technical team will consult with your team of staff to ensure that there will less down-time during this activity.

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