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Instrumentation And Control Engineering

Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Instrumentation and control Engineering is the part of engineering that deals with the design, configuration, installation, automation and management of equipment that are used to monitor and control engineering systems and processes. Instrumentation and control systems are designed to measure and control physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, flow, level, differentials etc. within an automated industrial environment.

Chemic Integrated service limited offers wide range of services in instrumentation engineering. We deliver automation and process control solutions to our clients in the oil and gas, food, manufacturing and power generating industries. We are partners to some of the world leaders in instrumentation and process control engineering.


We have outstanding track record of quality service delivery on instrumentation and process control. We have continuously delivered major and minor engineering projects and manpower resources to our clients in the following areas;

  • Engineering Design and Management
  • Front End Engineering services
  • Detail Engineering Design
  • Upgrade or modification of process facility for optimization
  • Conceptual studies, commissioning assistance and construction
  • Vessel maintenance, associated instrument & control setting and optimization
  • Instrument and control integrity checks and upgrades
  • Calibration of field equipment such as gauges, regulators transmitters etc
  • Provision of control instrument equipment for oil and gas
  • Design, implementation and deployment of fire and gas system

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