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Marine protective coating products supplier in Nigeria

Chemic Integrated Services; your one-stop place for all your marine paint and protective coating needs.

Chemic Integrated Services is a major supplier of marine protective coating products in Nigeria. We deal on some of the industry approved leading brands and we have large stock of product in stock. All our products are of high quality and widely been use by many coating and marine companies to provide decoration and protection to their structures and facilities. Our goal is to protect our client assets/facilities with the best coating solution.

We have team of dedicated and skilled staff who work closely with our clients to clearly understand their unique need and to deliver the most effective solution to them and to provide technical support from the point of supply to the completion of every project. We have successfully completed so many  projects in the offshore and onshore environment; materials supply, coating and maintenance of steel and other super structures. Our experienced and highly skilled team of experts are available to provide you with the best coating solution.

Our marine protective coating products include protection for transport vessels, pipelines, corrosion protection for thermal power plant, coating and fire protection for upstream and downstream oil and gas structures, coating for abrasive and highly corrosive environment. All types of steel and concrete structures. 

  1. Alkyd  are those paints made from acid and alcohol derivatives. They are mostly used for decorative purposes and for protection of steels exposed to relatively mild environments because of their high gloss and durable finish.
  2. Epoxy Paint– is a two component paint consisting of paint resin and another part which is the hardener which must be mixed together before application. There is a number of different epoxy coatings, each one of them made to meet certain requirements during service. They are resistance to water, chemical, mechanical damage; they have good adhesion to the substrate, high durability, and temperature resistant.
  3. Mastic Base Paint– Epoxy mastic is high build, high solids, fast drying, and polyamide epoxy designed to protect steel and concrete in industrial exposures. Ideal for maintenance, painting and fabrications. It’s among the most versatile coatings for industrial and marine use. They are applied on the ships and most marine structures both above and below the waterline because of their resistance to water.
  4. Polyurethane Paint Polyurethane paint is best suited for freshwater application and to provide a smooth durable finish that has superior resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemical exposure. Mainly used to topcoat high build epoxy and other paint applications.
  5. Zinc Silicate coating – They are mainly used as primers to provide extra protection and corrosion control of steel structures in a reaction where the zinc act as the anode and the steel as the cathode in cathodic protection of steel using zinc silicate. They are used in offshore structures, ships, industrial plants, refineries, tanks, bridges etc.
  6. Vinyl Paint – It is one component paint, fast drying and is widely used as industrial coatings in chemical plants, refineries, tank farm, bridge and on ship. etc
  7. Call on us  for all marine protective coating products. Our extensive range of solutions combined with our technical expertise allows us to provide you with a solution that’s tailored to your needs.

Our expert team is here to take care of all your marine paint and protective coating needs.

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