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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

At Chemic, safety is a top priority, and it is a core principle which engages and unites all employees.

Safety is fully integrated into our business strategy and all aspects of operational management. We continue to drive our behaviour-based safety (BBS) programs and Life-Saving Rules across the company. Our safety programs have resulted in major improvement in the total reportable number of employees’ safety and less injuries across our entire work environment.

We will do this by applying consistent and leading standards in people, product and process safety. Whatever the context, we are committed to complying with safety-related rules.

  • The people safety process is aimed at increasing awareness of behaviours that put us at risk. The main focus moving forward is on culturally embedding the process and building capability.
  • The Chemic process safety program is designed to identify and control hazards in our operations by avoiding unwanted events in our work environment that may result to injuries, waste or harm. We measure our performance through a disciplined audit process.
  • Zero recordable injuries
  • Zero damage to property and the environment

Health and safety training is a priority and is conducted continuously to ensure that life and properties are protected.