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Oil Field and Production Chemicals

Chemic Integrated Services is the major dealer of Oil field and Production Chemicals

We offer a wide range of chemicals and additives for Oil and gas upstream and downstream applications. We supply products that are used throughout oil production and refining processes and our well skilled and experience professionals are ever ready to deliver the highest quality, maximum value project on time, safely, and within budget to you.

Our mission as a major oilfield chemical distributor is to help our clients to keep their production safe, cost effective and to add tangible value to their production operations

Our product range covers the following applications

  1. Drilling fluid
  2. Well stimulation
  3. Production Chemicals
  4. Cementing
  5. Work over & Completion
  6. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Anti-Sealants – They provide scale control over a variety of severe conditions including hardness, high temperature and high total dissolved solid for the oil and gas industry.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors – Help to prevent corrosion of equipment so as to maintain them in good working condition
  • Defoamers, – These are the products that will effectively control foaming problem during drilling operations
  • Coagulants and Flocculants – Application includes mud dewatering, water/oil separation, flow back and water recycling
  • Emulsion Breakers – for wide range of fluid condition and application
  • Oxygen Scavengers -They provide effective oxygen control to oil field operations, and low oxygen concentration necessary to protect topside equipment, injection wells and flow lines from oxidative corrosion.
  • Biocides –They provide effective control to microbial activities found in and around oil field applications
  • Gel Breakers – they are those products designed to handle wide range of gels.