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Tank Cleaning And Maintenance

Chemic integrated Tank cleaning service

Tank cleaning and maintenance is an integral part of many industrial processes. Harmful substances or toxins can build up in the tank when it is poorly maintained which may affect the functionality of the tank or lead to a more serious damage especially in manufacturing, oil and gas process vessels and other industrial treatment systems. Tank cleaning and maintenance is very important in order to keep up the life cycle, integrity and operability.

Tank cleaning and maintenance is the process of removing harmful substance, toxins, dirty or unwanted residue from the tank. It is the essential process of preparing industrial tanks and vessels for inspections, removing blockages and preventing contamination. Chemic Integrated services offer tank cleaning and maintenance services to the oil and gas and manufacturing industries. We use some of the leading technology in our cleaning processes.

Our area of specialty includes:

  • Cargo or oil tanks
  • Underground storage tanks and similar equipment.
  • Barges, food and beverage manufacturing facilities,
  • Chemical processing plants and brewing facilities.

Other cleaning services are

  • Heat exchanger internals
  • Pipeline cleaning etc.

Chemic integrated services is well known in oil and gas sector among other industries as a company that delivers maximally. Our expert team comes to work passionately to deploy their wealth of experience on any given task.

Be assured you'll have the best hands in the industries working on your facilities to optimize them for maximum performance.

For the inspection and cleaning of your faculties

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